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Picket Fences

The Acme Semi-Privacy fence creates an air of visual and physical privacy around your outdoor living space. 

This fence is designed with a smooth interior that created an elegant border, keeping children and pets in and unwanted elements out. It is ideal to use with screened enclosures, to guard your swimming pool or the encompass your yard.


Like the privacy but with wider spacing between pickets.




Fence Heights: 3',4'. 5', 6', 8'

Picket Spacing: 1" 

Wood Fencing

The Acme Picket fence, with its open, airy look, is an ideal border fence. 

It establishes a sense of wide open space, provides safe boundaries for children and pets and creates a handsome backdrop for your yard.



Fence Heights: 3',4'. 5', 6', 8'

Picket Spacing:1" & 2" 



Open and airy, and ideal backyard border fence.

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A classic trellis section added to the top of our Country Club style.        

Variations of all the above styles are available, as are custom designs for unique needs.




Fence Height: 6'. 8' 

Picket Spacing:3/4"

Trellis Size: 3" squares

Country Club with Trellis

Country Club

Our most elegant design for total privacy




Fence Heights: 3',4'. 5', 6', 8'

Picket Space: 3/4"


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 Semi-Privacy Fences

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