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All Acme fences are built of materials specifically chosen to stand up beautifully to the extremes of Northeast Ohio weather.


We hand-select every board from the finest Rocky Mountain-grown, finish-grade, kiln-dried, maintenance-free Wester Red Cedar. Grown at high altitude for dense grain, this weather- and insect-resistant wood is smooth-sawn, precision-trimmed, and finished on three sides. Crosspieces are heavy two-by-fours and pickets are 7/8" thick.


We assemble each fence with special heavy-duty, spiral-shank aluminum nails for strength, durability and no-rust, no-stain performance. And our pressure-treated 4'x4' posts are 3 feet longer than the fence height and set at least 32 inches deep in concrete for strength and uniform appearance.


At Acme Fence, front-to-back, top-to-bottom quality is our specialty!

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